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We want to hear from you. Get involved in the work of YCEMP through the follow ways :

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Your inputs will be shared through our website and inform the writing of our report. Details here. – Submission now closed. 

Join the YP-CDN and YCEMP Joint Consultation for WHO

Submit your input for a public consultation by WHO. Details here. – Submission now closed. 


2 thoughts on “Get Involved

  • I would be glad to respond to any specific queries / participate in a discussion / conduct a small study in the direction of your work. I teach at Manipal University.

    I am very happy that one of our former students , Mr Abhishek Sharma is on the panel.

    I shall not be able to respond to posts on Facebook / Linked in / Twitter

    Thank you for doing your bit towards making the world a better place to live

    Wishing you all the best


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